Simon Ochsenius

About me

I'm a 3D-artist, animator, tech-head, script-crazy, rig-friendly nerd currently finishing an 8-month long internship at The Station as an animator. Before this, I did the military service, spent two months backpacking in Australia, got a bachelor's degree in Informatics specializing in Game Design and I worked for little over a year as a Systems Analyst at Volvo IT. All this before I realized that my passion in life is to bring cool ideas to reality in the form of 3D art for games.


Whether it be modelling strange vehicles for racing games, rigging lemur-humanoids or animating giant tree-snake monsters. What drives me is the endless opportunity to learn new techniques and see them implemented in the creation of exciting experiences for people.


Aside from that, I also enjoy playing with my cat, eating Smarties as if my life depended on it, and playing way too much Persona 5.